Written on 08/29/2014
Keeon Minors

Many people consider going to the Caribbean or the Maldives to lay on a sun kissed beach with amazing corals and marine life, but Bermuda is a very understated beautiful Island. We now know why is called the ‘Jewel of the Atlantic’.

Only a 7 hour flight from the UK (even less if the winds are of the right direction) and only 2 hrs from New York, making it a wonderful two-centre holiday.

Our first trip here and we fell in love with the place.  It is a mix of Colonial England with a Caribbean flavour.  From the Bermuda shorts and high teas to the Rum Swizzle and taste of Jamaican Food.  Being a car hire free island you have to travel either by taxi, which takes you from A-B via X,Y,Z or by local bus which really is the better and cheaper option, and with crime being virtually non –existent, a fact which they are very proud of and rightly so you can feel rest assured.  The locals aim to please and enthuse over tourists.  They are very proud of their island.

We stayed at the Fairmont Southampton, which was very sophisticated and decadent, with access to the South Shore beaches, which are infused with pink from the broken corals. It is very pretty to see. Horseshoe Bay is also a must with a long sandy pinky stretch with lovely rock pools, but it can get a little rough at times.

We caught to the bus to Tobacco Bay, a small cove which was wonderful for snorkelling, with an abundance of sea and coral life.  With crystal clear shallow waters, one can see some absolutely amazing fish, we even swam near parrot fish, angel fish blue angel and butterfly! The little beach side café hires out snorkel equipment – oh and also stripped deck chairs, very English! The owner is quite a character and adds to the delight of Tobacco Bay. The water is so warm to swim in; warmed I hear by the Gulf Stream. If swimming and snorkelling is your thing you will be in paradise here.

Eateries are plentiful in Hamilton, which is a lovely quaint bustling town, with horse drawn carriages, lovely duty free shops and some cruise ships with tourists snapping away.

A must visit is the Pickled Onion, which is vibrant with a good vibe.

On one occasion I was travelling between the ferry from Fairmont Hamilton, which is in the town back to our Hotel The Fairmont Southampton, when a strange mist came down, everything went still and calm and I thought ‘omg I’m going to disappear in the Bermuda Triangle’. Then just as quick the mist/fog lifted and the ferry began to continue again, very very strange.  

My husband wasn’t with me however; he was trying out one of Bermuda’s Beautiful Golf Courses, which he said had the most amazing view of any golf course he had ever played at…sadly for me he’s played at quite a few worldwide ha ha.

Other attractions which are a must are of course the Royal Naval Dockyard, with so much history you could easily spend many an hour there. Some very good restaurants to round up the day too.

If you get time, try not to miss the Crystal Caves and the Botanical Gardens. There really is so much to do and see on this small but perfect island.

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