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Written on 11/30/2014
Keeon Minors

Rum is the main drink of many islands, known for its’ taste and the history of pirate guzzlin’ down every sip. Bermuda has the Black Seal Rum as its’ own, which by the way is super strong! I got to drink a lot of rum in Bermuda and happily enjoyed the two national drink

1. The Rum Swizzle

2. The Dark N’ Stormy

Both are made with rum and have very different tastes. The Rum Swizzle is a punch, and you can make it with 3 different rums. Dark N’ Stormy requires ginger beer, so you should like ginger if you’re going to drink that one.

My two opinions – I enjoyed the Rum Swizzle is more my kind of taste. It’s light, yet rum-ful, and you literally feel a sizzle within your body after half way down your first glass! Plus, it just makes you feel good. Swizzle it up!

The Dark N’ Stormy is great but a bit too heavy for me. You need to hydrate with both drinks but I felt that this one gave me more of headache the morning after due to it being a dark drink without the juice.

If you want to try one, go to Bermuda – they make it great at the bars and the locals know how to make it super strong! But for now, if you want to preview it – try these recipes for an at-home taste of it.

Rum Swizzle –  Goslings’ Black Seal Rum plus your choice of Gold Rum, a third rum, or Grenadine. Add OJ and pineapple juice for the punch!

Dark N’ Stormy – Goslings’ Black Seal rum plus Ginger Bear

Gosling’s is sold in Bermuda, so if you don’t have access to it, try any dark rum at home!

Bermuda proudly has two Sizzle Inn bars too – head out there for a good time!

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