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Written on 11/30/2014
Keeon Minors

What is Church Bay you said? Well, unlike the overall known beach in Bermuda that tops the charts (Horseshoe that is), Church Bay is the best known LOCALS beach to go to! It’s a gem that most tourists don’t take the time to visit.

Why’s it so good? Well shhh…don’t spread the secret to too many people! All the tourists go and cram at Horseshoe Bay – which by the way is phenomenal. It earns its’ high ratings.

Church Bay Beach is the one locals go to and take their lovely visitors, like me! It’s located in Southampton Parish and it’s easiest to drive there. You can take the #7 bus to hop off and walk to the beach. I saw zero tourists, and maybe 6 locals throughout a 5 hour span.

Look at the entrance – some wonderful wooden steps – didn’t count how many.

Those are the lovely locals who took me there. How about the view from above before you enter! To die for, you see that view on the Internet and when you see it for real, your heart melts. It really is so turquoise!

The beach is free of course and the water is calm with subtle waves and clear. There is no place to eat or rent gear, so bring a snorkel, beach towel, and everything you need. There is a public bathroom up the steps by bushes, but trust me – it’s not cleaned often.

Church Bay is great for getting alone time, peace, and quiet. You can kayak there as I did out and about the rocks. The current is not strong.

My favorite part – snorkeling! There are dozens of huge parrotfish. They are about 1-2 feet long some of them! You can hear a soft crunch underwater which occurs when they eat the coral.

The reefs are really nice and the visibility gets better as you swim to the right side of the beach. You will see schools of fish and rocks underwater from shore that attract even more fish.

The water temp was refreshing at the end of October although I did go in my 3mm wetsuit after a dip to be able to stay in the water longer and more comfortably. Grab both an underwater camera and a regular so you can snap a lot of memories at Church Bay Beach!

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