Written on 01/13/2015
Keeon Minors

Once we arrived in Bermuda and had settled into our hotel room, we decided to wander around Front Street. We stayed at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess, which is centrally located in the main city of Hamilton. Within a few minutes, we walked from the hotel property to the main downtown area. Front Street is a bustling part of town filled with high end shops, souvenir stores, bars, cafes, and restaurants. We saw many iconic pastel colored buildings all in a row, built in a colonial architectural style. They faced the Hamilton Harbor where you can view many grandiose yachts and homes across the water. In addition to Front Street, we found many shopping and dining establishments along the numerous side streets in town. There was a small cruise ship in port while we visited Front Street; thankfully, we didn’t find that this section of town wasn’t overly crowded or busy.

While we didn’t do very much shopping while we were here, we dined at both Cafe Eden and Red Steakhouse during our stay in Bermuda. I really enjoyed walking around and fully absorbing the sights and sounds of Hamilton. It was amongst the first moments we had to soak up the warm sun, feel the cool breeze off the ocean, and admire the huge palm trees. It was finally sinking in that we were whisked away to a tropical paradise. At that moment, we had no idea just how many fun adventures we would encounter throughout the coming days. But, within an instant, we had already fallen in love.

Please join us on a small tour around sections of Hamilton in this photo essay of Front Street, Bermuda.