Written on 01/29/2015
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“You’re going down.” I met my competitor’s gaze and stared intently into his eyes. My fierce expression of determination would surely intimidate any opponent. There was no material gain or prize on the line. It was all for the triumph of succeeding, the glory of winning, and the honour of being declared the champion. Losing was not an option. After carefully studying my surroundings, I was adamant that I would be victorious at a round of miniature golf at Bermuda Fun Golf.

Alright, so maybe I’m being a little bit dramatic. However, Bermuda Fun Golf isn’t any typical mini golf course. After all, it’s been declared the best miniature golf course in the world. You won’t see any windmills here. While you still play with putters, each of the eighteen holes is modeled after a famous one from either Bermuda, the United States, or Scotland. You will see small scale versions of holes from Pebble Beach, Augusta, Glen Eagles, and St. Andrews. Watch out, as you’ll be faced with sand traps, hazards, and ponds on your journey.

We really aren’t all that competitive, though we did keep score. Justin may have a better golf swing than I do, but that doesn’t really matter – it all comes down to putting here!

Bermuda Fun Golf is located in Sandys Parish at the Royal Naval Dockyard. While golfing, we were treated to stunning views of the deep blue waters. Even the mini golf courses in Bermuda are coupled with beautiful ocean scenes. You can also catch a glimpse of the fortification walls that overlook the sea.

This mini golf course was unlike any that we’d played in the past. While the bunkers weren’t actually filled with sand, they were distinct from the type of astroturf on the green. When your ball ended up in one of these hazards, it was tougher to hit it out of there! I also had the tendency to hit the golf ball too hard, which would send it flying into the rough. Some of the holes had more difficult bunkers, where you would be forced to hit the ball backwards in order to get it back on the green. While it was definitely challenging, I did manage to get a hole-in-one at one point during the game!

For all of you die-hard golf nerds out there, here is a list of the miniature versions of the famous holes that are featured at Bermuda Fun Golf:

Bermuda Golf Holes

Hole 01 – Mid Ocean #5

Hole 02 – Belmont GC #18

Hole 03 – Port Royal #16

Hole 04 – Ocean View #1

Hole 05 – Riddles Bay #8

Hole 06 – Tuckers Point #9

United States Golf Holes

Hole 07 – Sawgrass #17

Hole 08 – Riviera Golf Club #6

Hole 09 – Pebbles Beach #9

Hole 10 – Oakmont #3

Hole 11 – Pine Valley #13

Hole 12 – Augusta National #12

Scotland Golf Holes

Hole 13 – Glen Eagles Kings Course #13

Hole 14 – Royal Troon #8 (the “Postage Stamp”)

Hole 15 – Royal Aberdeen #8 (the “Ridge”)

Hole 16 – Muirfield #13

Hole 17 – Turnberry #9 (“Bruce Castle”)

Hole 18 – St. Andrews Old Course #17

After we played through all 18 holes, we tallied up the scores. Though I was playing really well in the first half, Justin gained momentum later in the game as my golf ball seemed to keep landing in those nasty sand traps. He ended up winning, but only by three. It was a really good game and the attraction surely lived up to its name – we had tons of fun!

Be sure to enjoy a beverage or two at the Caddy Shack bar while you’re there. Take your drinks up to the outdoor patio for a panoramic view of the golf course and the ocean. This is a great spot for watching the sunset!

Bermuda Fun Golf 
Royal Naval Dockyard
Sandys Parish

1 (441) 400 – PUTT (7888)

Summer Hours: 10am-10pm

Winter Hours: Friday 3pm-10pm, Saturday & Sunday 12pm-10pm

Adults $15, Children $12

For those of you who aren’t traveling to Bermuda anytime soon, there are similarly designed courses in Denmark and Sweden by Mr. Hogan Lindgren.

Have you ever played a mini golf course like this one? Do you enjoy playing golf or mini golf?


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