Written on 02/07/2015
Keeon Minors

Bermuda is a beautiful place. You can walk along the pink sand beaches, dip your toes into the turquoise waters, and witness some of the most vibrant sunsets imaginable. Did you know that as you appreciate these sensational scenes, you could be standing above an underground cavern? Below the surface, there is a whole other world waiting to be explored. In fact, there are hundreds of caves and passageways in Bermuda; the country has one of the largest concentrations of limestone caverns in the world. One of the most spectacular and most easily accessible caves in Bermuda is the popular Crystal Cave. In traditional Bermudian style, let’s enter the pastel pink building and through the gate to discover this amazing natural landmark.

It is very important that people do not touch the formations in the cave. Once the stalactites and stalagmites come into contact with our hands, the natural oils in our skin can cause the cave formations to die. As they grow at the slow rate of approximately one inch per hundred years, it is extremely important that we do not disrupt this process.

As we entered the cave in a single file line along with our tour group, we slowly walked down many steps, descending 200 feet below the surface. Our tour guide shared information about the history of the cave with us. Briefly, it was discovered in 1905 by two teenage boys who were chasing their cricket ball that fell into a hole in the ground. As they searched for their ball, the boys found that this hole was the entrance to an impressive underground cavern. In 1907, the property owners opened Crystal Cave for public viewing.

The accessibility of the cave nowadays has vastly improved since its early discovery. Not only is there a main staircase leading down into the cave, but there is a bridge that extends across an underground lake. Visitors are able to examine the white cave formations up close while peering down into the clear blue water. The cave is fully illuminated, making it much easier to admire the million-year old creations (and take photos!).

You might feel a droplet of water hit your head now and again from the cave ceiling, but it’s considered to be good luck! We were given plenty of time to walk the length of the boardwalk and fully check out the stalactites and crystallized soda straws.

While there are hundreds of caves in Bermuda, you should consider a visit to Crystal Cave. It is one of the most well-lit caves I’ve ever visited, with some of the most appealing stalactites. There is a second cave right beside Crystal Cave called Fantasy Cave. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to visit the Fantasy Cave, but you can purchase a combined ticket for both caves. If we had the time, we would have definitely checked it out as well as we were thoroughly impressed by the Crystal Cave.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves are easily accessible by the Bermuda public transit system. Several buses travel right past the caves – we took the city bus to get there. It was about a 25 minute bus ride from the Hamilton bus terminal. Further details are available at the Crystal Cave website.

And it seems like a trip to any spot in Bermuda wouldn’t be complete without running into a cat! This friendly kitty roamed around the property of Crystal Caves freely, both outdoors and inside the gift shop. Of course, the cat didn’t venture down into the caves themselves and was quite content staying above the surface.

Crystal & Fantasy Caves

8 Crystal Caves Road, Hamilton Parish

Hours: 9:00am- 5:00pm
Guided Tours leave every 20 minutes

Tickets: $22 for one cave, $30 for both caves

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