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Written on 08/24/2015
Keeon Minors

My girl friends and I like to try and squeeze in a trip a year into our busy schedules so we can get some quality time with one another. This year we chose Bermuda. It was a short trip, but definitely worth it.

We’ve gone on so many trips in the past that doing research, buying tickets and organizing the entire trip has become a lot easier over the years. One of the things I’ve noticed as my typical keyword search to help us decide on a destination is “name of the place” girls trip itinerary. The search results for these keywords are weak. Either there isn’t much raw content out there in this category or I need to step up my keyword search game. Which ever it may be, I’m adding to the data pool!

Length of Trip: 3.5 Days

Day 1

Settle into your resort, villa or house : This could take up your entire morning depending on where you stay. The bermudans love to talk and they’re very kind. You have two options when deciding where to stay. You can stay near downtown, or what Bermudans call the suburbs, countryside. The distance from countryside to downtown is usually less than 30 mins. The south side of Bermuda, Hamilton to the Dockyards I think is where the prettier water is. Although surprisingly Horseshoe Bay Beach had a stunning view.

You’ll need to travel around Bermuda and I think the best way is by scooter. Bus transportation takes too long, from what I read in reviews and cabs can get pricey. If you haven’t ever rode a scooter before, please take it easy. I’ve heard and witnessed enough scooter accidents that lead to death or close to it. Be confident and stay within the speed limit. Or just ride behind someone like I did. I didn’t do so well on a scooter in Cuba so didn’t want to take any chances. Call a scooter rental place and have them meet you at your place of stay or a restaurant. The people at Oleander Cycles were very nice and patient. We’ve ridden scooters in Jamaica, Cuba and some of us in Goa but after a few months you still need some practice and direction before you head onto the road.

Everyone drives on the left side of the road in Bermuda and key thing to remember is if you’re being honked at, they’re just saying Hello! The speed limit is 35-40kph, so it’s not because you’re going too slow. From one point of the island to the other side takes about 45 mins to 1 hour.

Day 2

Rent your own boat and go out on the water and do some coral reef and island hopping!
We packed up a cooler for a whole day trip and rented our boat from H2O sports.

Although we were really tired we still made a trip Downtown and had dinner at Pearl, which is inside Port O Call. It was great sushi!

Day 3

We rode our scooters to the dockyards where cruise ships stop, where you can find cute shops and restaurants as well. After that we made a trip to the Horseshoe Bay beach which is known as the most popular beach in Bermuda. Make sure you climb the big rock beside the hidden cove near the entrance of the beach. The views are spectacular from up there.

Later that evening we went back downtown and enjoyed an evening at Cafe Cairo. For those of you who love hookah, you can order it there.

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