Written on 11/03/2015
Keeon Minors

My name is Cassandra and I am a Yoga Instructor and Studio Manager at Alchemy Fitness. Alchemy Fitness is a premiere, boutique fitness facility. They offer 1:1, Semi­private and group fitness classes. I started my fitness journey at Alchemy fitness. I had never worked­out a day in my life a few years ago. I was petrified to even enter a gym, let alone workout. I was convinced by a friend to join her in a weightlifting class and I haven’t left since!

I have always wanted to do my yoga teaching certification, but never had the intention to teach a class. I really got into yoga a few years back. Yoga gave me a release that no other exercise could. I was able to really get out of my own head and find some inner peace. This summer I was given the opportunity to come on full time as the studio manager at Alchemy Fitness. I had a few months off as a result. I decided to apply to Yoga teacher training on a whim. I never expected to actually get in. When I received confirmation that I had been successful in my application, my fears intensified. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.

I chose Bali for my teacher training because I wanted my month training to be a cultural experience. I had visited Sumatra a few years back and Indonesia had always held a special place in my heart. I travelled to Bali a few weeks before my course started. Bali is an incredibly magical country. From the quaint family temples on each street, to the stunning, never-ending rice fields that cover the countryside, I have never felt so at home outside of Bermuda.

Bali has an incredible health conscious culture. Living a healthy lifestyle is incredibly easy there. I spent my first few weeks waking up early to do a HIIT Class on a cliffside that overlooked an incredible surf break, riding my motorbike around the island, and finally finishing my days with sunset yoga. I spent lazy evening eating organic, vegan meals with fellow travellers from around the world.

I traveled up to Ubud in the mountains after a few weeks to start my teacher training course. Ubud is a art, culture and yoga wonderland! There are vegan restaurants, yoga studios and health centers on every corner. My days consisted of 5:30am meditation followed by two hours of yoga, breakfast and lectures, lunch and finally more workshops and another yoga class. My training really was physically, emotionally and mentally draining. I am pretty hard on myself normally but yoga teacher training intensified all of these emotions. I was tested in ways I never thought possible. Yoga teacher training truly changed me for the better.

I decided to start teaching when I returned to Bermuda. I loved the creativity required creating a yoga sequence. I love seeing people’s progression through their yoga journey. It is inspiring to watch people who were absolutely terrified to attend a class to now pushing themselves to try new poses they never thought possible! I love being able to teach people to aware of their own body. There is nothing better.

I suggest Yoga teacher training for anyone who wants to grow their own self practice, even if it doesn’t lead to teaching a class. It is more about the self-empowerment you receive each time you step on the mat!

When I came back to Bermuda I was still on Bali time. I would wake up early to watch the sunrise and practice yoga on my porch. No matter where in the world I am, Bermuda has the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets! Nowhere else compares. During our latest hurricane, I did a hurricane inspired yoga sequence outside before the wind picked up. I am really lucky teaching yoga in Bermuda.

Being such a small community, it has been easier creating a following in Bermuda. I am so excited to see where the next few months take me! Managing Alchemy Fitness has forced me out of my comfort zone and it excites me! I love watching people embrace a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to help people see fitness as an everyday part of their lives. I look forward to going to work in the morning and seeing someone accomplish a fitness goal they never thought possible!

If someone wants to learn more about classes at Alchemy or wants to try a yoga class with me they can contact info@alchemy.bm

If I could describe Bermuda in three words, they would be: Inspiring, community, breathtaking!