Written on 01/11/2016
Keeon Minors

We would like to welcome Ashley Martins from AshleyMars.com a local Bermudian blogger as a contributor to WeAreBermuda.com. She showcases Bermuda from her unique perspective and lifestyle of a young Bermudian woman through Beauty Tips, Fashion, Shopping, Health, Lifestyle and Island Life. Here is a blog she posted in November about how she feels about Bermuda. Enjoy!

You can go to heaven if you want. I’d rather stay in Bermuda. – Mark Twain

Bermuda is home to some of the most beautiful people and beaches. This is where I have had the privilege to call home for 21 years. Bermuda is made up of a tiny group of islands. Our main, pretty little island is roughly 20.54 mi² and the population is 65,024 more or less. We are the little dot on the map in the North Atlantic just off the eastern U.S. Yes, the little dot you need to squint to see.

When you look around, you see nothing but beauty. Yes, we live in houses. No, we don’t wear grass skirts and coconut bras. Haha! Bermudians are some of the most friendly, welcoming people you will ever meet. In Bermuda, it’s also common for strangers to say “good morning” or “good afternoon” to each other in passing. It’s just a way of life for us here. Whether it’s our gorgeous golf courses, our turquoise sea for sailing or our beaches for relaxing, our island has something to offer everyone. Our island truly is breathtaking and gives everyone an unforgettable experience, no matter their reason for visiting.

Bermuda also has some of the best food, or as we often say “greazeeee”. All of the local “tastes” are equally as yummy. To list a few, the famous codfish breakfast, our fish sandwiches, shark hash, fish cakes, and a holiday favorite cassava pie. Don’t forget the rum cake with locally made ice cream for dessert. Or… just some rum!

Aside from the island at times feeling “too small”, there really isn’t much to dislike about living here. What can I say… I feel blessed.

You can see more of Ashley Martins and the original blog at AshleyMars.com