Written on 10/18/2016
Keeon Minors

For those of you who have never left the country, you need to get up TODAY and book a trip somewhere. There is too much in this world to stay stagnant in the US of A. My trip to Bermuda was my first international trip and honey, let me tell you, it was more than I could’ve dreamed of.
Bermuda is GORGEOUS to say the least and for an entire week I was able to absorb all that this 20 mile island has to offer. Prior to my trip I looked into where to go, what to do and all the pictures accurately depicted what I was in store for, but being there was absolutely surreal.

Lunch in the city of Hamilton

Fort Scaur

Now before we get to the pictures and everything I did, understand I went to Bermuda for two specific purposes which included seeing my boo and to remove myself from the world. I didn’t have a crazy agenda of activities I wanted to so much as I just wanted to pretend I was a Bermudian for a week. I went with the flow and in doing so I primarily grabbed my camera when I was actually out and about rather than the times where I was just chilling in my pajamas…which was the majority of my vacation. To each her own, right?
While I was in Bermuda I was able to visit a multitude of places including St. George, Horseshoe Bay, Church Bay, St. David’s Lighthouse, Dockyard, Fort Scaur and Tobacco Bay. Bermuda may be a small island, but trust me each place is unique and has something special to showcase to us foreigners.

The streets of St. George

St. George was where we traveled to via ferry during the middle of the week. This place definitely had shops for tourists and plenty of photo opportunities with the scenery. While we were there we stopped at White Horse Pub & Restaurant which had delicious fish and slippery nipple shots, (don’t ask about the name).

Church Bay

Church Bay is right up the street for where bae lives and let me tell you, I was jealous. Living so close to such a beautiful, tucked away spot is truly a luxury. Church Bay was the sight of the video content for my little bikini lookbook. You can purchase the red bikini (top and bottom sold separately), gold choker bikini and black one piece swimsuit all on Amazon!

Denzel & I at Tobacco Bay

Rum Swizzle for the win

Tons to climb at Tobacco Bay

Gusy is the GUY!

Tobacco Bay was my absolute favorite while I was on my trip. The staff was so kind and the drinks were off the chain. This place is tucked away from the city of St. George’s, but when you find it it’s like a hidden treasure. From kayaking to paddle boarding and exploring a cave, Tobacco Bay is the perfect spot for a relaxing or adventurous beach day. If you go, make sure you ask for Gusy because he’s definitely the best.

Let’s not forget about Dockyard, the site where all the cruise ships and ferries come in. This part of the island is also geared towards tourists, but what captured my attention was Snorkel Park. This hot spot comes alive at night time with music, drinks and tons of good vibes. This is definitely the place to be for all my party animals.

Overall my trip couldn’t have been more amazing…but it was when Denz took me jetskiing with Somerset Bridge Watersports! I would say that if you do nothing else make sure you take a jet ski tour with Harry, (he’s the man). Before we totally wiped out in the open water, we got to jet ski by ship wrecks, coral reefs and I even got to jump into the water to swim with the fish. Needless to say the experience was out of this world. Somerset Bridge Watersports is a MUST for all my tourists.

Swimming with the fish

Feeding the fish with Somerset Bridge Watersports

So that was my trip in a nutshell! Bermuda was literally the breath of fresh air I needed in my life and the slight adventure I was yearning for. I can’t wait to go back and visit sometime soon. Next trip I’m going back with an underwater camera for sure so I can capture the beauty in the coral reefs and shipwrecks. Let me know what you think of Bermuda and, if you’ve traveled there, what your favorite spots are so I can check them out next time.
Until next time, stay candid!

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