Written on 11/19/2016
Keeon Minors

I’ve never written a blog before but I’ve watched my boyfriend create vlogs using his camera so there can’t be much of a difference right? Except this one is on paper, well my computer. So here I go writing my first blog about my trips to Bermuda and the video that my boyfriend created for me so that I could share it with the rest of the world.

I’ve actually gone to Bermuda many times, my family has taken a trip there every summer for the past five years and we keep going back because we just love it so much. I remember the first time we went everyone was new to the island and had no idea what to do, so we just did the normal touristy things for example staying in the dockyard where the ship was docked for the first whole day.

Then the second day we went to the famous Tobacco bay and Horseshoe bay which are just incredibly beautiful let me tell you. The sand is a light shade of pink and the water is just so clear it truly is a paradise. The last day we just went shopping because you know when you visit somewhere for the first time you just have to pick up some type of material good because if you don’t you’ll probably forget you even went. Just kidding, just because you don’t get a t-shirt or sweatshirt doesn’t mean that you’ll forget your whole trip, the memories you create on this beautiful island will last a lifetime.

The trip ended too soon, because we were on a cruise we were only on the island for a total of three days which gives us an excuse to keep going back. Each time we visit the island we do a different excursion. From my trips to the island I have gone to snorkel beach, Tobacco Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Church Bay (all of which I strongly recommend they are just breathtaking) jet skiing three times, parasailing, visited the caves, and my absolute favorite so far cliff diving at Spanish Point.

This summer was the summer of cliff jumping for me and my friends. We tried to do an adventure each week that incorporated bodies flying off of cliffs into the water for amusement and the adrenaline rush. The best local cliffs were Beavertail and Fort Wetherill, both in Rhode Island and probably not legal but whatever it was so worth it. It was good, clean, and “safe” fun.

So back to Bermuda. My main goal for this trip once I found out we were going was to find a cliff and just jump off it (once I knew it was completely safe). When I got on the ship I went straight to the shore excursion and they didn’t really have to much info other than the basic tourist stuff and I didn’t want that. I wanted to go where the locals go to have fun. When we finally got to the island I asked around and sure enough the bus driver told me of Spanish Point, he said its where the locals go to jump off the cliffs which was perfect for me.

My cousins, aunts, and uncle all got on bus 4 and were headed to Spanish Point, I just couldn’t contain my excitement. Once we got to the cliffs I immediately got the GoPro ready to film I was talking to some people I had met, they were also visiting the island but they were from Ireland they were pretty cool, they were doing backflips off the cliffs and things like that. When I saw where people were jumping off I then stripped into my bathing suit and went off the cliff, first one out of my family. And I didn’t start with the little one, I went right for the big one, go big or go home.

Once I was in the water someone yelled “turtle” so I swam to where it was but I was too late it had already swum away from the surface. The really cool part about the cliff was how you got back up, you had to go up under and through caves it was awesome! I got back to the top of the cliff and it was amazing, the water was so clear and I even saw more sea turtles poking their heads up to say hello to all the jumpers.

I took footage of the jumping off the cliffs and getting back up to the top using my boyfriend’s GoPro that he lent me for the trip, as long as he could make an edit and post it to his YouTube channel “Anderson Productions,” everyone check him out and subscribe! His videos are just so great and he really puts all he has into each and every video and it really shows in the final products. The videos take a lot of time and effort to make and I am so grateful that I have such a dedicated filmmaker as a boyfriend.

So after the cliff jumping everyone was exhausted but I was ready to run a marathon (not really because I hate running but that’s beside the point) we were heading back to the ship when we were in the dockyard passing Calico Jacks, we just had to stop! It was Happy Hour and they make the best Pina Coloadas! So we were at Calico Jacks and this place is so cool, it’s a floating bar on a boat! It also has a “plank” which is a diving board. This diving board is where I threw my first backflip, but according to my boyfriend it wasn’t good so he decided not to put it in the video even though I did record it.

The whole trip was just an overall blast! So this time instead of doing the tourist thing and buy a t-shirt to remember my trip I just recorded it and made a video out of it so that I don’t forget, not that I could ever forget the wonderful memories I made this summer on the island. Those memories will last me my lifetime and will continue to live on in my video. I had such a great trip and it just gets better every year! I absolutely cannot wait for next summer!!