Written on 07/09/2017
Keeon Minors

I must confess that before I visited the Bermuda Islands all I knew was the legends of the missing ships in the famous Bermuda triangle . Come on, because I did not know, I could not place it on the map. Despite being a destination of indescribable beauty, it is still unknown to many. Today I tell you, 17 things you did not know about Bermuda and its people.

  1. They were discovered by a Spaniard,  Juan Bermúdez , who arrived in the islands in 1505. They belonged to the Spanish colony until the seventeenth century. (A pity that at present this territory no longer belongs to Spain).
  2. British territory with an area of ​​only 53.2 km 2.
  3. Although in English they say Bermuda in the singular, the truth is that it is not a single island. Bermuda is made up of more than 150 islands.
  4. Probably because of its characteristics, many think that the Bermuda Islands are in the Caribbean, but in fact the Bermuda Islands are in the Atlantic Ocean.
  5. 54% of the  population is black .
  6. The locals are very friendly , do not be surprised if people greet you on the street. (This is definitely one of the things we like most about this place).
  7. The capital of the Bermuda Islands is  Hamilton.
  8. Its currency is the  Bermudian dollar  and the value is similar to the US dollar.

9. It has one of the  highest per capita incomes in the world .
10. It is very normal to see the locals wear the popular  shorts with high socks. 
11. The island  does not have a car rental service . You are only allowed to drive in Bermuda to those who hold a Bermudian driving license, something that is only possible if you are local. So if you are thinking about going on vacation, you know that the most common is to rent a scooter or take public transport: ferries, taxis and buses.
12.  The houses are very colorful. Most are painted in pastel shades, with pink being the preferred color for its inhabitants.
13. There is no public water supply network . Each one is responsible for collecting their water, coming from the rain. They do it through the peculiar roofs of their houses.
14. Buses are colored pink  with blue lines. (But, how can I not love this place ?!).
15.  The official Bermudian drink is  Rum Swizzle , a cocktail made with rum, orange juice, pineapple, lime and Falernum.

16. The sand of most of its beaches  is pink  due to eroded corals.
17. The maximum speed  for drivers is  35Km / hour.

I hope this post has helped you to know this destination better. If you want to know what to do in Bermuda, do not miss our post, 10 Essential Things to do in Bermuda. Share it on social networks and help others discover this hidden paradise.


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