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Written on 08/03/2017
Keeon Minors

“You can go to Heaven if you want to, I’d rather stay in Bermuda”-Mark Twain

This spring break I was able to go home to my beautiful island of Bermuda for the first time in fourteen months. At the moment I am currently seated at a computer desk with The Atlantic Ocean behind me. Sounds of the waves crashing against each other, birds fighting against the strong winds threatening to take them and the brightness of a powerful sun, strong enough to lit even the darkest of moods. This is my home. The paradise of my dreams and keeper of my heart. I knew that being away from home wasn’t going to be easy, I lived in Vermont during my middle school years, but being younger, you appreciate a lot less the beauty and value of the treasures you leave behind. 

I was greeted at the airport by my Mother, who I was lucky enough to see in November, we have been through longer lengths of time in which we haven’t seen each other. When I was last home, fourteen months ago, my goddaughter was only two months old. A tiny, non-verbal sleepy buddle of joy. The little girl who also greeted me at the airport was a happy, extremely talkative little girl who was filled with so much light and love. Also, in my absence, the birth of a niece who I have not yet met. If ever one questioned the continuous passage of time, I would point them to these occurrences. With or without our consent, time goes on. Children continue to grow, the world continues to spin and life very much continues. In acknowledging this, I have decided to make a list of things that I miss the most when I am gone and those things I need to appreciate more when I home, like now, for instance. 

1. Sights and sounds of Bermuda
Something that I realized after driving home from the airport was the bright, vibrant colors of our homes in Bermuda. A popping pink, blues as vibrant as the waters that surround us and yellows brighter than the sun beating down on our sun-kissed skin. These bright houses come alive and seem to breathe life into the island as you drive past them.

 2. Our Island Spirit
I am biased, it’s true, but Bermuda residents are unlike any other. There smiles can be seen from a mile away. They seek to greet everyone whenever they walk into a room, speaking collectively, and yet somehow, they can make everyone in the room, individually feel appreciated and validated. We simply do not know how to walk into a room and be quiet or keep to ourselves. We are a small community and there is so much love and respect that flows through our veins.

 3. One cannot go anywhere without running into someone you know. Did I mention we are a small island community, albeit with a big heart? Whether it’s to the grocery store, to town to run an errand or on the morning commute to work, I guarantee you, like the promise that every day Earth will continue to rotate, you cannot do these things without running into a familiar face. If you want solitude, Bermuda isn’t the place for you. 

4. There are no waters bluer, or sand pinker. This is an article about Bermuda, did you really think you were going to make it through without me commenting on the natural beauty of the island? Ha, wishful thinking! The water, clear enough that you can see the ocean beneath you, the fish as they swim by, perhaps the brave, curious one that is wondering who this new friend is, in their home? I know what you’re thinking, is the sand really pink… the answer is yes and no it isn’t a magic trick. 

“In Bermuda, one particular species of red foraminifera, Homotrema rubrum, grows abundantly on the undersides of coral ledges. When the forams die, either naturally or from the crushing forces of wave action, their tests sink to the bottom. Over time, tidal forces and waves wash these tests ashore, where they mix with the white crushed skeletons of other marine organisms, giving the sand a pink hue.”
This article could go on forever, because there are a limitless amount of things to appreciate and be grateful for in Bermuda. I may live abroad, continuing my studies, but my home will always be here on the hidden gem of Bermuda. Beautiful people, fantastic, breath-taking sights, an inclusive, culturally diverse array of foods and a heart that beats throughout every inch of this paradise, if you want an unforgettable experience, come visit Bermuda in all of its glory!

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