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Under Konstruction


Under Konstruction is a privately owned business, we are NOT affiliated with any charitable or government departments. We take great pride in confidentiality and respect of all individuals who find themselves having to now live with the horror associated with DV.

UnderKonstruction was formed with the intentions of reducing domestic violence, raising a greater awareness in the community, and to provide victims and their families with a safe space to express their feelings and concerns as they address domestic violence.


Individuals affected by domestic violence would benefit from services such as: psycho-education, motivation, inspiration, and group sessions. UK believes that with genuine support, individuals will thrive as they seek to re-build their character, challenge patterns of behaviors and re-claim an abuse free lifestyle

Such services will be provided in the form of:

Individual sessions
Family sessions
Psycho education group
Peer support group
Community awareness trainings and presentations
Employer awareness and organizational response seminars